Day: January 25, 2011

Graykeysgate: The Madness Hits Fever Pitch

Who do we believe? What are we meant to believe? The story of the dismissal of Andy Gray and the censure of Richard Keys has taken on a life of its own since it broke a couple of days ago and, by this afternoon, there was a degree of inevitability about what would was to come next. This, it started to feel, was not a story that was going to blow over with a one match suspension and a week off on account of the Fourth Round of the FA Cup and, after a new video came to the attention of the public demonstrating that Gray’s little outburst wasn’t even a one-off on the day in question, he was gone. Gray has, by all accounts, instructed the law firm Schillings to deal with the matter on behalf, but we will presumably have to wait and see what he has instructed them to do. In the meantime, the conspiracy theory mill has already gone into overdrive with a glut of apparently contradictory information. Much has been made of Gray’s impending legal action against News International over the News Of The World telephone hacking issue it is easy to add two and two together and arrive at the conclusion that there is a desire on the part of Sky/NewsCorp (who aren’t yet, we should remind ourselves, completely one organisation yet) to...

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Tuesday portrait: Richard Keys and his fallen comrade

Dotmund has always managed to keep his passion for Richard Keys and Andy Gray well under control, ever since the former posed the what-he-presumably-thought-was-rhetorical “[would we really swap what we have now for] a £2.50 ticket and a cold pie?” question in February 2007’s FourFourTwo magazine. So, he was naturally following the latest saga with an open mind and a light heart. Given this afternoon’s exciting developments in GrayKeysGate, he’s brought his Friday picture forward again this week, to depict two giants of the televised game in the United Kingdom enjoying some of our game’s celebrated atmosphere. Click for...

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Videos Of The Week: Non-League Special

It’s time for a bit of a non-league round-up (as is our wont at this time of the week), with highlights of three matches from the last couple of weekend’s worth of matches. First up, we’re taking the opportunity to catch up with one of the matches from the weekend of the 15th of January, with the FA Trophy Second Round match between Blyth Spartans. To people of a certain edge, hearing these two names together will send a shiver down the spine. Blyth Spartans, of course, made the Fifth Round of the FA Cup in 1978 and the Quarter-Finals of the FA Trophy in 1980 and 1983 (beating Altrincham on the way). Altrincham, meanwhile, were setting records of their own at the same time. They missed out on a place in the FA Trophy final in 1977 after a marathon four match long semi-final against Scarborough, but won the competition two years later and were runners-up again in 1982. Anyway, it was a cracking match at Croft Park last weekend. Our second match comes from the Blue Square South, and is a local derby from the south-east between Ebbsfleet United and Bromley. Bromley, the visitors, started the season with seven successive league wins and remained unbeaten until the middle of October. The chasing pack has since caught them up and they recently suffered the ignominy of a 7-0...

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