Day: January 21, 2011

Friday picture: Footballing tennis dads

This week’s Picture That Dotmund Did is a double whammy of art and LEARNING. As we are now in the middle of the Australian Open Tennis, your correspondent (who likes tennis so much that he has yellow fuzzy balls) turned his attention to the Ladies’ Singles draw, where three notable players were the products of professional footballer’s loins. Which is ace news, or somesuch. When he wasn’t doing this, he also painted a...

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Was Free-To-Air TV To Be Sold Down The River To Win The 2018 World Cup Bid?

Imagine the scene. It’s June 2018 and the World Cup finals are getting under way. England, the hosts, have played their opening match – an unconvincing 1-1 draw with Norway which has led the press to question the tactics of their manager, Lord Beckham of Leytonstone – but optimism is still high. The nation settles down for the second game, being played between the two other teams in England’s group. Football, The Sun proclaims, has come home, but something isn’t right. Only ten million of the twenty-three million households in the UK can watch the match at home, because most of the matches that don’t involve England have been bought by Sky TV and ESPN. If this scenario sounds like some sort of nightmare, it’s a good job that England didn’t win the bidding rights to the 2018 World Cup if an article in this week’s edition of Broadcast magazine is to be believed. Broadcast has claimed that the government promised FIFA that it would waive the “Crown Jewels” agreement (which lists the World Cup finals as one of the sporting events that can only be shown on what is now called “free-to-air” – which may also be known as “terrestrial” – television) as part of the bidding process for the finals. Moreover, this concession, which would have had a seriously detrimental effect for millions of people that may...

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