Day: January 13, 2011

Louise Taylor On “Democracy”: Disingenuity Through Omission

One of the most important developments within British football over the last ten years or so has been the growth of the understanding that football supporters can be empowered to control their own destinies. The notion that football clubs could only be run as the personal fiefdoms of the self-appointed “great and the good” has become more and more discredited as the first decade of the new century wore on and, and the relative success and stability of clubs that are run by supporters trusts has been obvious to anybody that takes the time to stop and examine them. Most of this occurs in the lower divisions and non-league football. Even in the Premier League, though, there have been signs that supporters are not satisfied to be ridden roughshod over. At Manchester United, the Green and Gold protest may not have been the success that its organisers may have dislodged the Glazer family from their position of power at Old Trafford, but the horrific reality of the debt within their club raised consciousness of their situation worldwide and brought the growing madness of financial state of English British football to an audience that may yet lead to meaningful change. On the whole, though, democracy for football supporters remains elusive. For all of the posturing on the subject, the sale of Liverpool Football Club was not brought about because of...

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Mungo S03E22

Heart of Clachmaninshire are well on their way to getting their season back on track as Dennis Wise starts his first day in the Director of Football job. There’s seemingly only one piece of the puzzle still missing, but you can always rely on a proactive chairman like Sir Roddy Bulbs to strike while the iron’s hot. Dotmund is a fat idiot. Click for...

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