Day: January 5, 2011

Ronaldinho For Blackburn: Straight From The Horse’s Mouth, Or Not

You’d have been as well off with Wikipedia for reliable sourcing of “Ronaldinho for Blackburn” news. This time yesterday, entries one and three on page one for the Google entry “Blackburn Ronaldinho” read, “Blackburn have denied reports that they could be ready to make an audacious bid to land AC Milan’s Ronaldinho in the transfer window”, and, “Premier League club Blackburn Rovers have sensationally joined the race to sign Brazilian superstar Ronaldino”. He is now, apparently, returning to Brazil, although . So, was anyone lying, if anyone? And why? The impression was certainly been created that there is an arse/elbow co-ordination deficiency at the heart of Rovers’ new ownership. While it is clear that the sister rules the two brothers in the Rao family’s business empire. The Blackburn ‘project’ was supposed to be Balaji Rao’s, the – let’s be brutally honest here – porn star-looking one who is in charge of the family’s ‘non-synergistic diversifications’. But he’s been about as vocal on his new diversification as a Harpo Marx tribute act with laryngitis and a missing car horn. There were reports that the whole Ronaldinho thing was his idea. But he has also been called the “brains” behind the idea of making Maradona manager, which is surely a contradiction in terms. His brother Venkatesh, the man who puts the ‘Venk’ in ‘Venky’s (as in ‘Venkateshwara Hatcheries’, or ‘VH Group’),...

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Wrexham Supporters Prepare To Man The Barricades Again

As 2011 got under way with the eyes of the football world turned in the direction of how long Manchester United can stay unbeaten in the Premier League or how long Roy Hodgson can stay in his current job, supporters of Blue Square Premier club Wrexham, a club that seems incapable of going for much more than a couple of years without some sort of crisis engulfing it, were finding out about a scheme that  could potentially come to threaten the very existence of the club itself. Wrexham’s supporters are, however, somewhat long in the tooth when it comes to protesting against owners that are planning to sell them down the river, and the club’s owners might just find that their latest wheeze ends up proving to be something of a headache. When Alex Hamilton and Mark Guterman took over the ownership of Wrexham in 2004, the fears of supporters were quickly realised. They anticipated that Hamilton and Guterman planned to run the club into the ground capitalise on the value of its only significant asset, The Racecourse Ground, which he had acquired the freehold to in 2002. The club’s rent jumped up from £1 to £30,000 per year and, sure enough, in September 2004, he gave the club notice of eviction. This, however, was challenged in court after he resigned his position as chairman of the club whilst retaining his...

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