Day: December 13, 2010

Big Sam Not Big Enough For Blackburn

If there is one thing that the internet has brought us, it has been instant public opinion. However right or wrong, well informed or otherwise it may be, it’s there, in our faces within a few minutes of a news story breaking. This has a value in itself, of sorts. The more people there are commenting on specific story, the closer we can get to something approaching the way the wind is blowing in terms of general opinion. It may or may not be represtentative of the broader public, but this is almost irrelevant. The Internet Has Spoken and, no matter how right or wrong The Internet may be, there’s a good chance that some hacks, hungry for a quote but without the inclination to tramp the cobbled streets of Blackburn on a freezing December evening, will seek to use this as a gauge of something more significant than it probably is. As such, there was as much of a story in the internet’s reaction to the sacking of Sam Allardyce as there was to the actual sacking itself, and it may prove valuable to other managers looking in from the outside to take some lessons from the contrast between the sacking of Chris Hughton at Newcastle United and Allardyce’s dismissal this afternoon. Newcastle United may be five places above Newcastle in the Premier League, but they are only...

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Match Of The Week 2: Eastleigh 1-1 Sutton United

Sutton United will always be introduced as the team who knocked Coventry out in the Third Round of FA Cup  in 1989. For non-league clubs, it was a giant-killing escapade towers above all other results and achievements;  The promotions which have been ground out over a whole season, or worked on for  years, the spectacle of the play-offs,  the hurt of relegations, or the relief of close escapes,  all become smudged like old newspaper ink by the pressing thumb of time, yet over two decades on the Coventry result remains fresh on page of history; the Sutton club shop still doing a trade in DVDs of the  finest hour and a half in their long history. The FA Trophy may lack by some way the romance of its illustrious stablemate the FA cup and if Sutton do succeed in knocking out their opponents Eastleigh, only one step above them in the pyramid, it is hardly likely to be recalled as a giant-killing, but this fixture is nevertheless tinged with more excitement and expectation than usual. The ‘large amount of spice’ for this fixture, as Eastleigh manager Ian Baird put it, is provided by the return to the Silverlake Stadium of Sutton Manager Paul Doswell the man who could well have a claim to be dubbed the ‘Eastleigh Messiah.’ The perversity of cup competitions in generating fixtures which hold a...

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