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Day: December 10, 2010

Aberdeen: McGhee out, Brown in

Eighteen months after Aberdeen last raided Motherwell for a manager, they’ve decided that one is not fit for the purpose, and have gone back to the same dealers to get a better one.

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Friday Night Video Special: Football, Fussball, Voetbal Part Two: Spain, Portugal And Italy

The constraints of time mean that it’s time for a video this evening, but what a video it is. Some of you may recall that we showed the first part of the BBC’s documentary series from 1995, “Football Fussball Voetbal”, earlier this week. That was about the history of British teams in European football, and this part is about European club and national football in a broader sense, focussing on the European Cup, the European Cup Winners Cup and the UEFA Cup, as well as the European Championships. Soothingly narrated by Barry Davies, this is a perfect way to spend a Friday evening. Our thanks go to the original uploader. Follow Twohundredpercent on Twitter...

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Friday essay: A World Cup debut for Qatar

For this week’s Picture That Dotmund Did, he’s worrying about history as usual. Qatar have just two more attempts to qualify for the World Cup before they become the first debutant to host a World Cup Finals since a time when goalkeepers smoked during corner kicks. It has since been pointed out to him that Ukraine, joint host of the next European Championships, have never qualified for the final stages of that tournament either. Since which time he’s built a little fort and is hiding in it with only biscuits for sustenance. Click for...

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Christmas Comes Early For A Second Year In A Row

This time last year, we celebrated winning a Gold Award at the When Saturday Comes Webwatch awards, and we are delighted to be able to confirm (for those of you that aren’t involved in Twitter and/or haven’t bought the brand new edition of the magazine yet) that, in a decision that startled us as much as anybody else, we have again been bestowed with that particular award. As I said last year, there is no greater honour than to be praised by such a venerable publication, one that I have now been a reader of for a scarcely credible twenty-two years. Our thanks, as they did last year, go to whoever made the final decision. The most significant change to this site over the last twelve months has been the introduction of some our regular contributors to the site as effective co-owners of it, so this year’s award is for Ed Carter, Gavin Saxton, Rob Freeman and Mark Murphy, who have done so much over the last twelve months to keep the place up to date and ticking over. I can promise further tweaks over the coming months, too, just to keep us all on our toes. As ever, we should also thank those of you that bother to stop by and read what we have to say. It would all be a bit of a waste of time...

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