Day: December 7, 2010

Video Of The Week 2: Only A Game, The Story Of Scottish Football, Part 3: The Player

It’s time for another video, and tonight we return again to the 1985 BBC documentary series “Only A Game – The Story Of Scottish Football”. For the third part of this series, the focus is upon the player. The development of the player himself is particularly key to the growth of the game in Scotland. During the 1880s, many of the the first professional players to come into the new powerhouses of the English game were brought south from Scotland on account of their superior technical ability, and throughout the entire history of the game in the British Isles we have been fortunate to see such great players as Jim Baxter, Kenny Dalglish and Jimmy Johnstone, amongst many, many others. This video is divided into five parts, and our thanks go to the original uploader. Follow Twohundredpercent on Twitter...

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Both Chris Hughton And Newcastle United Supporters Deserve Better Than Mike Ashley

In this case, to say the very least, you can’t spell “dismissal” without the word “dismal”. The sacking of Chris Hughton from the Newcastle United manager’s job is not the most surprising sacking that we will season, but it might well be the most stupid. In getting rid of a manager that had managed what many on Tyneside may have considered to be something approaching a holy grail of a combination – that of being both popular and successful – Mike Ashley has given us yet further cause to question whether he should allowed anywhere near the ownership and overall management of Newcastle United Football Club. Yes, as the owner of the club he is immovable, and Newcastle supporters now have fresh cause for concern over what the future may bring. It is worth considering just what the condition of Newcastle United was when Hughton took over the management of the club. Alan Shearer, appointed solely on the basis of what can only be described as sentimentality, had taken a club that was laden down with extravagantly-contracted players down from the Premier League, and there was conjecture over what effect failure to get straight back into the Premier League might have upon the club’s finances in the long term. It is a testimony to his success last season, as Newcastle won their way back into the Premier League with...

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