Day: December 6, 2010

The 1962/63 Season: When Winter Arrived And Didn’t Budge

Many of us spent last Saturday afternoon sitting at home with nothing better to do than watch “Carry On Camping” on the television, but recent winters have been some way off the worst of the lot. In this (slightly amended) article, first written for Twohundredpercent in December of last year after a similar white blanket covered the country, we took the chance to look back upon the 1962/63 season. Winter suddenly and somewhat unexpectedly descended upon England last week and, predictably, it is playing merry havoc with the football schedules on the last Saturday before Christmas. Last weekend, all bar a handful of matches in the Football League were cancelled and, whilst some may view this as a welcome opportunity to get in some Christmas shopping, but others will undoubtedly grumble at having nothing to do this afternoon. Those that are unhappy at postponements and cancellations should, however, pause for thought and consider the 1962/63 season, when winter arrived with a bang at Christmas and didn’t budge for two months. Forty-eight years ago was several lifetimes in terms of the evolution of the game and in some ways it could be argued that the 1962/63 season was the last season of “old” football. Within two years, regular television coverage would come in the form of “Match Of The Day”, and the 1962/63 season was the last season in which...

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Video Of The Week: Football, Fussball, Voetbal – Part One

This week’s Video Of The Week is a very special find from YouTube, the first part of the BBC’s 1995 documentary series on the history of European football, “Fussball, Football, Voetbal”. Recorded as part of the build-up to the 1996 European Championships, this two-parter, narrated by John Motson, traces the history of European club football, with the first episode coming at the subject from the point of view of British clubs, and the second from the point of view of some of the major continental powers. If you can get past the slightly oversentimental tone of some of it, it features one of the finest collections of archive footage of European football that can be seen in any single place. Our thanks go to the original uploader of this wonderful documentary series. Follow Twohundredpercent on Twitter...

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Match Of The Week: Sunderland 1-0 West Ham United

They could have been forgiven for believing that they had turned a corner, of sorts. Going into this afternoon’s match at the Stadium Of Light, West Ham United had won two straight matches following a run of just one win since the end of September. Now that this particular semi-inflated balloon has been pricked, though, a feeling of claustrophobia has begun to lower itself upon the Boleyn Ground this evening following a defeat at Sunderland that leaves West Ham back at the bottom of the Premier League. While they are still in touch with the pack of clubs above them (they could yet be out of the relegation places by Christmas), this season long ago started to take the feel of a relegation season. Recent messages from the club regarding Avram Grant’s future at the club had been mixed, with talk of his position being untenable being coupled with a statement from Karren Brady to the extent that Grant would not be replaced, even if relegated come the end of this season, should they have failed to beat Wigan Athletic last weekend. They managed this and followed it up by thrashing a second string Manchester United in the League Cup during the week. This may have left Grant feeling a little more secure than he was eight or nine days ago, but the fragility of such confidence was in...

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