Day: December 3, 2010

Clyde Learn Their Lessons The Hard Way

I’m a bit late reporting the news, but Clyde last month became the latest Scottish club to go into fan ownership. They’ve chosen a different model to it from the usual one – although there is a Supporters Trust, that hasn’t been used for the ownership. Instead, they’ve returned to the old-fashioned way, the club is no longer a limited company and from hereon will be run on a simple membership scheme of one member, one vote, with periodic elections to the committee to run the club on an operational basis. This would concern me slightly, as it would seem to leave the members short of protection in respect of liabilities, but be that as it may they have decided it’s the best way forward. At the same time, they’ve become a Community Interest Company – a relatively new legal option, which locks the club into a non-profitmaking model, but has fewer restrictions on qualification than registering as a charity. It’s a recognition, not least on the part of those who previously owned the club, that there’s no money to be made in running a football club, and that a new attitude is required to the financial realities of their current position. It’s been a lesson hard learned, since their decade of ambtion and full-time football came crashing down around them early in 2009. In some ways, Clyde’s plight...

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Friday Essay: Seasonally-adjusted figures

As the most clued-up and news savvy readers may know, the UK has undergone something of a cold snap this week.  High time that Dotmund looked at the variety of clothing solutions footballers employ during icy weather. Dotmund is great at art, please visit him at his site and cop an eyeful. Click for...

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