Day: November 26, 2010

A Final Word On Brighton vs FC United

The Second Round of the FA Cup should be a time for the supporters of an Evostik League Premier Division club to be celebrating, but, as we have discussed on this site before, FC United of Manchester are not like other clubs and this week has, if nothing else, been a harsh education in the ways of modern football at higher levels. We spoke on this site of the rank injustice of their ticket allocation for their trip to the south coast to play Brighton & Hove Albion in the FA Cup tomorrow. It felt at the time as if there was more to this matter than met the eye, and the details about it that have been made public have revealed a little – but not enough – detail on the reasons behind this allocation. Brighton & Hove Albion issued a press release at the start of this week confirming that they were made to act upon information from the police and the Stadium Advisory Group and make this match a Category C match. No details have yet been made public on exactly what intelligence was given and FC United supporters are justifiably unhappy at this slur upon their character. What the Brighton statement does make clear, however, is the extent to which the club had no choice over the decision to limit tickets and tighten security for...

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Plymouth Argyle & Peter Ridsdale: A Match Made… Well, Somewhere

We have touched on the subject of the serial football club chairman on this site before, and there are none quite as prolific as Peter Ridsdale. Like the Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare On Elm Street film series, every time we think that he has finally been slayed, he rises as if from the dead, quite possibly bending his hand into a fist shape, and this time it is the supporters of Plymouth Argyle that need to take note. He has been spotted at Home Park a couple of times and a strange official announcement on the club’s website has only sought to further trouble those that are concerned by his possible involvement in their club: There has been speculation about the fact that Peter Ridsdale has been spending some time meeting with executives from Plymouth Argyle Football Club. Peter has extensive experience in football and is just one of a number of parties that we have undertaken exploratory discussions with regard to potential future investment. If and when there is anything further to add we will do so at the appropriate time. Peter Ridsdale is living, breathing proof of the failure of the FA’s Fit & Proper Persons regulations. At Leeds United, Barnsley and Cardiff City, he managed to turn clubs that had been on a relatively even keel into absolute basket cases and his greatest achievement as...

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