Day: November 25, 2010

Rotherham United & FC United of Manchester: Grounds For Celebration United

If we are to be concerned about the future of football in the twenty-first century, one issue that perhaps doesn’t get the attention that it should do is the loss of grounds themselves. The major citadels of the modern game – Old Trafford, The Emirates, Wembley – are safe, but smaller clubs find themselves in a perilous position as small, often loss-making businesses that, in a lot of cases, are the owners of prime town centre real estate. This has been a particular problem in London, where grounds in Edgware, Leytonstone, Wimbledon, Enfield and Hendon (amongst others) have been lost forever with no replacements having been built elsewhere. It’s not all bad news, though. Many local councils now actively encourage the preservation of the football facilities that they own in the full knowledge that they carry a benefit that cannot necessarily be measured in pounds and pence. In Chester, for example, the active involvement of the local council played a huge role in ensuring the future of football in the city after the extinction of the local club earlier this year. And today has been a good day for those of us that fret about such issues, with planning permission having been granted for two clubs, one of which was evicted from its home and the other of which has been fighting for a home of its own since...

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Mungo S03E17

Thursday is our day for our weekly visit to Heart of Clachmaninshire, where a stuttering start to the season is about to get worse pending Sir Roddy Bulbs’ latest psychological assessment. More importantly, like Dotmund, all of the Clackers players, staff and supporters are getting behind Movember. This is the last Mungo of the month of Movember, and if you have enjoyed the strip down the years please consider making a donation to the cause here if you can. Click for...

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Video Of The Week: Only A Game, The Story Of Scottish Football, Part One: The Club

This week we start a new series for Video Of The week with the superb five-part 1986 BBC series, “Only A Game – The Story Of Scottish Football”. Originally shown as part of the build-up to the 1986 World Cup, this series, narrated by William McIlvanney, takes the standpoint of five different aspects of the game for its five episodes: The Player, The Club, The Manager, The Game and The Team. In this episode, the focus is on The Club, but its strength is in its depth – not only Celtic and Rangers are talked about, but also some of the smaller Scottish clubs. Coming from the BBC, it obviously has outstanding archive footage and features interviews with some key figures in Scottish football, many of whom are no longer with us. As it is a YouTube video, it comes in five easy to digest pieces, and our thanks go to the original uploader. Follow Twohundredpercent on Twitter...

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