Day: November 20, 2010

Match Of The Week: Arsenal 2-3 Tottenham Hotspur

It’s a lunchtime kick-off for the North London derby, and there are still a few empty seats on display at The Emirates Stadium. A chance for that one last drink before kick-off. Supporters of both teams could well be forgiven for taking the opportunity to have that drink today. Arsenal will go top of the Premier League table if they win today, but they have been strangely limp at home against Newcastle United and West Bromwich Albion already this season. Spurs supporters, meanwhile, have been receiving mixed messages from their team so far this season. For every win against Internazionale, there has been a defeat at Bolton Wanderers. If their Champions League season isn’t to be a one-off, they need to improve their consistency. Which Spurs will we see this afternoon, though? In theory, Spurs’ record at Arsenal is sufficiently dismal for the travelling supporters to be able to travel without too much expectation, but local derbies don’t, of course, work like this. Office, factory, building site and interet forum “bragging rights” (for the want of a better phrase, one of which there must be) will depend upon what happens over the next hour and three-quarters or so. They start brightly enough, but it doesn’t take long for Arsenal to start asserting themselves, and after eight minutes they take the lead. It’s a goal from the Autoroute One school...

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Brighton vs FC United: Not Wanting To Be 846th In Line

Perhaps this fixture has come a year too soon. Were FC United of Manchester to be playing Brighton & Hove Albion in the FA Cup next year at The American Express Community Stadium, segregation would be easy and FC United would have over 3,000 tickets available to sell to their supporters. As it is, they have been allocated just 845 seats for the match at Withdean a week on Saturday and this has upset a good number of their supporters. Indeed, the issue started to cast something of a pall over the biggest match in the history of the young club and the ill-will being generated by it may yet lead to problems for both clubs next weekend. FC United supporters had been expecting a ticket allocation of a minimum of 15% of the total capacity of Withdean for the match, which is due to be played next weekend. This would amount to a total number of 1,300 tickets being available to supporters of the club. This is part of the tournament rules on ticket allocation for matches prior to the semi-final of the competition, as laid out below: In all matches preceding the Semi-Finals, the Visiting Club shall have the right to claim up to 15% of all accommodation for which tickets are issued providing these tickets are in a fully segregated area So the rules are, perhaps,...

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