Day: November 18, 2010

FA Cup Match Of The Midweek 2: Ebbsfleet United 2-3 AFC Wimbledon (AET)

For all that supporters across the board may have breathed a sigh of relief, the suspicion remains that the media were less than thrilled by Stevenage’s penalty shoot-out win on Tuesday night. With the winning penalty kick went the story of the Second Round – the grudge match that had been talked of as if it was already a certainty. As it stands, the winners of tonight’s match (oddly scheduled to a Thursday night) will entertain Stevenage the weekend after next. Few, at least from Wimbledon, will be particularly disappointed by this. They must have felt a weight lifting from their collective shoulder and this evening’s trip from south-west London to Kent must have felt a good deal more comfortable than it might otherwise have done. Wimbledon and Ebbsfleet United offer two different perspectives on the notion of supporter ownership. Wimbledon’s success as a club owned by their supporters has been well documented. They sit top of the Blue Square Premier and, by this time next year, they could be a Football League club. Ebbsfleet United have had a more difficult time of it. The My Football Club experiment is still there, but whether it would be generous to describe it as having been a success. True enough, they won the FA Trophy during the first season of ownership. Their financial problems as the membership drained away, however, have...

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Mungo S03E16

After last week’s shenanigans, Heart of Clachmaninshire are looking to gain some positive press with a good display on the field.  This is not necessarily as easy as it sounds when your chairman has decided to try and segregate the playing staff based on lunch preferences. Dotmund made this. Click for full-size The real-life Egbert Guff, like his fictional counterpart, continues with his Movember efforts for prostate cancer awareness. Please visit his Mospace page here and donate if you...

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