Day: November 11, 2010

Mungo S03E15

This week, Heart of Clachmaninshire try to limit the damage of their rather disastrous start to the season with varying degrees of success.  Mungo’s thoughtful gift to his fallen comrades raises squad morale, whilst Sir Roddy Bulbs artfully sidesteps questions of a looming financial crisis live on television. The person who draws this is called Dotmund. Click for...

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Match Of The Midweek: Manchester City 0-0 Manchester United

Perhaps it was “The Curse Of ITV” returning to haunt us again. Last night, they showed a documentary about football in Manchester which examined, through the eyes of Eric Cantona, the current and historical state of the rivalry between Manchester City and Manchester United. The two clubs have had their fair share of drama from the matches between them in recent years, so perhaps it was understandable that ITV should choose to schedule this match at this time. Other corners of the press had, after all, also been been building the match up in a wearyingly predictable manner. Alex Ferguson had given them something to chew on in a press conference, and Manchester City had been off-colour over their last few matches, although a win at West Bromwich Albion at the weekend whilst Chelsea and Arsenal both lost at the weekend. Their faint flicker of Premier League title ambitions sparked back to life with this combination of results and the grudges of the last few weeks, months, years and decades continue to provide us with one of the key ingredients of a genuine showdown – subtext. The Manchester Derby is An Event. Except this match turned out to be nothing like as dramatic as in recent years. For all that we can criticise the Premier League in so many ways, the truth of the matter is that the actual...

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