Day: November 5, 2010

FA Cup Match Of The Week Part One: Rochdale 2-3 FC United of Manchester

The result, no matter how it ends up, is only ever going to be part of the story of tonight. The broader¬†issue – that of the coming of age, the arrival, the moment and the principle – will remain unbattered and unbowed no matter what happens at Spotland tonight. These are the days that money can’t buy, an evening that will live with the supporters of FC United of Manchester for the rest of their lives. It is their club and their rules, and tonight is their moment in the sun. The sunny disposition of the habitual underdog going into a big match just determined to “enjoy the occasion”, however, hardly seems likely to be hard-wired into the DNA of the supporters of this club, though. Making friends not millionaires, yes, but this doesn’t have to preclude a burning, searing desire to win. Over the last few weeks, the media has descended on the club like a pack of wolves and, unsurprisingly, the club has lapped the attention up, never missing a trick to make their point and push their agenda. To this extent, their very appearance in the First Round Proper of the FA Cup is a victory in itself and amount of goodwill from all quarters today has been no less than staggering. We can see in this goodwill the extent of the sea-change of opinion within...

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Friday essay: On the history of moustaches in football

Fridays for the forseeable future on Twohundredpercent will be the home of a new feature, ‘A Picture That Dotmund Did’, where our resident artist gives the game of association football some serious in-depth analysis. No doubt. Today: a look at the inextricable link between football and nostril-warmers. Click for full-size The moustache is not just important for football. This Movember, it can be used to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer. Please visit the Movember website and get involved!¬† If you are feeling generous, please also consider making a donation to friend of Twohundredpercent Ed Dickins’ Movember team...

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