Day: November 4, 2010

FIFA, The FA and The British Press: No-one Really Wins The Moral Debate

“Please accept my resignation. I wouldn’t belong to a club that would accept me as a member”, said the telegram that Groucho Marx in his famous telegram to the Friar’s Club of Beverly Hills, and the Football Association must be inwardly feeling the same as Marx with their admission that recent press revelations into the behaviour of various senior FIFA delegates has had an extremely damaging effect on their bid to host the 2018 World Cup. The FA had apparently at first thought that they had managed to escape the ire of those at the top of the world’s governing body over the revelations made by The Sunday Times, but with an edition of the BBCs Panorama  on the subject also due to be shown before the vote next month it is now widely anticipated that the award will go to Russia. There was a brief period in time that, unbelievably, the English bid was the bookmakers’ favourite, but this was a brief highlight in what has looked from the outset like a dismal campaign. Lord Triesman was was stitched up earlier this year by the Mail with a pincer movement that may or may not have been more about him having the sheer nerve to be a Labour peer in favour of changing the financial structure of football than the World Cup bid. The Mail widely criticised more...

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Throwing The Terriers A Bone: The Billionaire And Bedlington

Sometimes, providence can find its way to a football club by the most unusual routes. When the 488th richest man in the world, the 69 year old chairman of the Rich Products Corporation, Robert Rich Jr (a name which in itself may have sent some people off to checkon their calendar that it isn’t April Fools Day already) started tracing his family tree, it set in motion of sequence of events that may irrevocably change the fortunes of a football club in the First Division of the Northern League forever. Rich traced his heritage back to the Bedlington area of Northumberland, which in turn led to his wife buying him the Lordship of Bedlington. Rich has a keen interest in sport, which can be traced back to trials for the USA 1964 Ice Hockey team. Rich Food Products was passed to him from his father, who in 1945 created the world’s first non-dairy whipped topping (the most famous example of which in America is “Cool Whip”). Rich is also the owner of three baseball teams in the USA, so his sporting interest is undeniable, and his first investment in the club is a £30,000 electronic scoreboard that is being flown over to Northumberland from America. What, though, can he expect from his involvement with the Terriers? Like so many teams playing at the level at which they ply their...

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Mungo S03E14

The welcome distraction of a European game proves to be just too good an opportunity to make your presence felt for Mungo McCrackas to pass up. With his new £340,000 per week contract busily smouldering in his back pocket and steely determination burning within his breast, Mungo again sets about trying to establish once and for all the old axiom about ten men playing better than eleven. Dotmund isn’t sorry. Click for full size Follow Twohundredpercent on Twitter...

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