Day: November 3, 2010

Videos Of The Week: FA Cup Special

This weekend sees us reach the First Round Proper stage of the FA Cup. Over 40,000 people turned out to watch the Fourth Qualifying Round matches, and there will be plenty of stories waiting to be written over the next few days. For our part, we’ll be reporting on the matches between Rochdale and FC United of Manchester, Brighton & Hove Albion and Woking, and Southport and Sheffield Wednesday. For now, though, just to get you in the mood we’ve had a bit of a rummage around in the YouTube archives and found three terrific matches from the tournament’s past. First up, from January 1992, comes the match between Wrexham and Arsenal. Wrexham had finished the previous season in bottom place in the Football League and had only avoided relegation thanks to the Football League’s decision to expand by one club and were struggling near the bottom of the table again, whilst Arsenal had won the Football League championship for the second time in three years. This match comes in three segments and even features the short-lived “revamped” Match Of The Day theme tune into the bargain. Commentary comes from a long-time idol of this site, the one and only Tony Gubba. Next up, we’re going all the way back to 1978 and the Fifth Round of the FA Cup and a second match from The Racecourse Ground, this...

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Fourteen Days Left To Save Sheffield Wednesday. Again.

There were over 20,000 people at Hillsborough last night to Sheffield Wednesday lose at home to Huddersfield Town in League One and, much as that defeat may have dented the home side’s chances of promotion this season, the overwhelming feeling this week has been that Wednesday have got bigger fish to fry at the moment than the mere attainment of points in the league. It is now two months since Wednesday were last at the High Court, having their debt to HMRC paid off by the Co-Operative Bank in order to stave off a winding up order. This may have protected the bank’s position in the short-term, but Wednesday have managed to find a route back to being before the judge – the amount paid off in September was merely the amount in the petition, so the club finds itself back to square one again. Against this background the search for new ownership for the club continues, but the club hit a major snag this week with the news that a buyout by Kevin Mundie’s Certified Oilfield Rentals group has hit the buffers. Sheffield Wednesday are back in court on the seventeenth of November, and it seems at the very best highly unlikely that Wednesday will be bailed out by the bank again. If they don’t have new owners by the day of the next winding up hearing, they...

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Piers Morgan: Moron Of The People

Forgive the journalistic self-indulgence. But we lost one of our own this weekend; a colossus of our trade, a titan and an inspiration to us all. Piers Morgan has written his last weekly column for the Mail on Sunday. Now, while some of you are no doubt holding back the tears at the news, there’ll be others of you who will never have had the “pleasure” of Morgan’s weekly sports, mainly football, column. It is difficult to encapsulate such a body of work in concise terms. But for those of you who didn’t have a flavour of the man, there probably is one term which points you towards an understanding of his column. It was sh*te. It was said of David Frost when he became famous in the early 1960s that he “rose without trace”, which was not meant as a compliment. You could sort of apply the same phrase to Morgan. He first became famous outside his own head as a showbiz columnist for the Sun newspaper. And he soon became editor of the Daily Mirror, involving himself in a couple of high-profile controversies, the second of which cost him his job at the newspaper but did little harm to his media career, which he is now continuing in America, replacing an old man who wore braces on a Cable News Network (CNN) chat show. If you see...

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