Day: November 2, 2010

Match Of The Midweek: Tottenham Hotspur 3-1 Internazionale

Maicon is not a bad player, by any stretch of the imagination. He didn’t win the Italian national lottery to win a place in the Inter side, and he isn’t related to Massimo Moratti. He broke through the youth system in the fiercely competitive world of Brazilian football and into the Cruzeiro team. From there he was transferred to Monaco, where he again managed to hold onto his place in the first team and attract the interest of the Italian giants, Internazionale. He has played well over one hundred games for Inter, and has won four Serie A champions and, earlier this year, the UEFA Champions League. He has also played over sixty games for Brazil. Tonight, however, Maicon was turned inside out, taken to the cleaners and eaten alive by a player that not so long ago had reached a near talismanic status after starting his first twenty-four matches for Spurs without having appeared on the winning size once. Gareth Bale only turned twenty-one just over three months ago, yet he is blossoming on one of the biggest stages of all, the UEFA Champions League, and this evening he added further strings to his bow with a performance of such accomplishment that, for all of the excitement that Spurs supporters will have over his current excelsis, the nagging doubt may start to form in the back of their...

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Dundee Given 25 Point Penalty

The Scottish Football League yesterday flexed its muscles and hit Dundee with a 25 point penalty for going into administration last month. As noted in previous articles, the SFL does not have set penalties for such offences, instead retaining complete discretion to deal with each situation as it sees fit. And in Dundee’s case they saw fit to be severe, imposing not just the points deduction but a transfer embargo and a promise to give the situation further consideration should they still be in administration by March 31st. I’ll come to the whys and wherefores of this in a moment, but firstly it’s worth reading the SFL’s statement on it and the reasoning for it. WE ARE OF THE OPINION THAT LESSONS ARE NOT BEING LEARNED. FOR EXAMPLE, CLUBS HAVE TO REALISE THAT, GOING FORWARD, THEY CANNOT TREAT THEIR HMRC OBLIGATIONS AS SOMETHING AKIN TO A CREDIT CARD. Notwithstanding the abuse of the Caps Lock key, this is terrific stuff. It’s the kind of thing you might have read many times on twohundredpercent, but to read it coming from football administrators is tremendous, and shows at least some sign of them starting to tackle issues that have been ignored for too long. Because it’s not just talk, they’ve started the process of taking positive action too: FOLLOWING A RECENT MANDATE FROM OUR CLUBS, THE SFL WILL NOW PREPARE THE...

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