Day: October 28, 2010

Southampton And Shrewsbury Town Clash Over Ticket Prices

One of the more welcome developments in ticketing arrangements in recent years has been the slow realisation on the part of clubs that they cannot always charge the absolute maximum that they can for some matches. Crowds have declined alarmingly recent years in both the League Cup and FA Cup, but what is starting to become apparent is that clubs would rather have people in their grounds than staying away because they can’t afford tickets on top of the cost of their season tickets. The issue of cheaper tickets being, by definition, isn’t a completely black and white issue, though. In the FA Cup, in which gate receipts are shared – after various costs have been removed – between the competing clubs, and this can create tension between them. In the case of next week’s FA Cup First Round match between Southampton and Shrewsbury Town, this is exactly what happened. Southampton wanted to cut the cost of the tickets for this match from their usual price of around £25 to £10. This may, on the surface, appear to be motivated by altruism, but it makes sense for the club to do this. A bigger crowd, they may reason, would be advantageous to the players and would also push up other revenue streams such as catering, which don’t have to be shared with anyone else. For Shrewsbury Town, on the...

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Mungo S03E13

Football this week has been brought to you by the number 10, the letter C and the word brinkmanship, and it’s no different at Heart of Clachmaninshire. The fallout from Mungo McCrackas’ transfer request continues to send people running for their inner sanctuary and doing the majority of their business in a bucket.  But!  Could there be a simple solution to the problem staring everyone at the club in the face?  Chairman Sir Roddy Bulbs, a noted realist, thinks so. Dotmund continues to produce Mungo for us, in spite of our repeated threats. Click for...

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