Day: October 16, 2010

Tom Hicks And The Hunt For Facts

Haha!! I was right. When I wrote about Liverpool on Tuesday, or was it Wednesday (or 1973, it seems so long ago), I was right, completely and utterly right. I… hadn’t assessed the situation properly. In my defence, it is hard to predict “epic” self-delusion on the scale Thomas O Hicks has provided this week. It is easier to understand why his eponymous sports group has gone down tubes, toilets and pans if he has such unshakeable faith in the financial acumen of Forbes magazine and the “market,” both of which appear to have valued Liverpool FC a touch higher than anyone with an intellect. Hicks’s self-delusion manifested itself in his petition in a Texas court on Wednesday for a “Temporary Restraining Order” (TRO) restraining a “rogue” Liverpool board from selling control of the club to New England Sports Ventures (NESV). If you only read one legal document in your life, make it this one. The legalese is comprehensible. And some of the language is a joy to behold, always assuming, of course, that Hicks doesn’t get anywhere with the billion-dollar damages claim contained therein. The media picked up on the “epic swindle” line. But there’s plenty more of that. Even in the same sentence there’s a reference to “rogue corporate directors and their co-conspirators,” not a phrase Martin Broughton would have come across at British Airways. The basis...

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