Day: October 15, 2010

Malcolm Allison: 1927-2010

Underneath the hat, behind the over-sized fur coat and at the other end of the cigar, there was a fine football brain. Malcolm Allison, who has died at the age of eighty-three, could have been a great manager, one of the very best, but he will arguably be best remembered for the time that he spent as an assistant manager – a supreme irony for a man that revelled in the limelight. His passing, however, is a sad loss – another link severed between the modern day and the world that we used to know. In some ways, he managed to personify the three decades during which his career blossomed – the radical new kid on the block in the sixties, he became a picture of excess during the seventies and was also there during the game’s decline during the early eighties. Allison was one of the new guard when he took the assistant manager’s job at Manchester City. His playing career at West Ham United had been but short after tuberculosis meant that he had to have a lung removed, but after spells at Bath City and Plymouth Argyle and some time in Canada with Toronto City, the City job, which he took in 1965, saw him paired up with Joe Mercer and three years later they pipped Manchester United on the last day of the season to...

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The Torment Of Portsmouth Continues

With Liverpool having hogged the headlines over the last couple of weeks or so, it is easy to forget that there are other clubs in considerably greater trouble than they are at the moment. In Scotland, Dundee FC are understood to be on the brink (more on that in the next few days or so) and, at the other end of the country, it is starting to become that Portsmouth’s difficulties didn’t end with their successful court case against HMRC in August. Indeed, if the club’s adminstrator, Andrew Andronikou, is to be believed (and that is a different matter altogether), the club is back on the brink again after their failure to exit administration following the protracted agreement their proposed CVA during the summer. The current crisis involves the Football League’s refusal to return the club’s golden share and sanction their exit from administration. According to Anrdonikou, the League is insisting that Balram Chainrai’s Portpin company removes the security that it holds over Fratton Park for the loans that Chainrai put into the club last year in favour of the CVA payments that were agreed during the summer to stave off winding up proceedings that had been brought by HMRC. Chainrai remains the owner of the club, but it had been widely reported that he had no interest in taking this position in anything like the long term and...

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