Day: October 13, 2010

Twohundredpercent Daily Links: 13/10/2010

Well, it has been a busy day elsewhere, but we can guarantee that this evening’s links are 100% Liverpool and England free. It’s difficult to be, but we do try to be different, if possible. This evening’s links (and feel free to drop us an email if you see anything that you think would be appropriate for this) cover a number of bases. When Saturday Comes takes a look at the recent resurgance in Eastern European football, Spangly Princess picks over the bones of the depressing scenes that accompanied last night’s non-match in Genoa between Italy and Serbia, St Albans City beat Kingstonian to win a trip to Kenilworth Road in the FA Cup and Mitre put their balls on display. You can see them all...

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Liverpool’s Day Of Reckoning

So, farewell then, Thomas O Hicks and George Gillett Junior (H&G) – pending appeal. And what have we learned this last week? Well, to misquote Kipling, “if you can keep your head, while all around are losing theirs… you haven’t assessed the situation properly.” And there was plenty of that in and around Liverpool Football Club lately. There was future-ex-owner, pending appeal, Hicks “sacking the electorate” in boardroom vote-rigging that would have made Elbridge Gerry himself blanch. There was the execrable Piers Morgan in the Mail on Sunday to ask “what have Hicks and Gillett actually done wrong?” Oh yes he did. Liverpool’s nearly-ex-MD Christian Purslow claimed “nobody should be” contemplating administration, despite Liverpool’s then-un-repayable debt to RBS and Wachovia – the latter hardly getting a mention despite the 1,001 journalists willing themselves to believe that New England Sports Ventures (NESV) will be as successful with Liverpool as they are/were with the Boston Red Sox. Because neither side had won a trophy for a bit before John William Henry came along with his Stan Kroenke wig and perspective-busting Groucho Marx cigar – looking too much like that mock-scientist in the car ad who discovers that “seven is bigger than three.” Thankfully, however, the court ruling proved a dollop of common sense on a cake of boardroom nonsense. As I was typing, Mr Justice Floyd in London’s High Court was...

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