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Month: September 2010

Baldock Stare Down The Barrel Of A Gun, Again

When a football club folds, it requires a lot of hard work from a lot people to get a new club up and running. The excellent work of Supporters Direct and the still rapidly growing supporters trust movement has been invaluable in providing a network of people with practical experience that can help those that are starting again from scratch to negotiate their way through the minefield of getting back to simply having a football club again. It wasn’t, however, always this easy and it is only in the last seven or eight years that the notion of a “new” club being run by those that love it the most has gained any significant hold in the psyche of British football. Prior to that, it was, for most supporters, largely to be hoped that local grandees or those in a position to be able or willing to start a new club. Sometimes, as at, for example, Aldershot Town, this worked, given time. At other clubs, however, it has proved to be more problematic. Baldock Town Football Club had a troubled history. The club first joined the Hertfordshire Senior County League in 1921, but folded four years later, rejoining for one season in 1946 before resigning from the league again a year later. The club finally began to make progess in the mid-1970s, playing in the South Midlands and United...

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Mungo S03E09

After last week’s startling egg-based development, one might have expected our heroes from Heart of Clachmaninshire FC to take a bit of a breather and settle down.  However, they are doing no such thing, getting stuck into their next game with characteristic flair.  They even score a goal.  But is everything entirely above board? Providing us with Mungo, as well as a highly eloquent critique of the state of his mental well-being, is Dotmund. Click the picture for...

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The Sordid Pleasure Of The Mass Brawl

Last night’s matches in the Football League were a carnival of goals, drama and excitement but (with the possible exception of Leeds United’s extraordinary implosion against Preston North End) the majority of us real event of the evening came at London Road, where the end of the match between Peterborough United and Notts County was “marred” by a massive fight between the players and staff of the two teams. The BBC took the time to edit down the events at the end of the match and even took the time to synchronise the commentary from BBC Radio Cambridgeshire for the occasion (the video is, for UK viewers, is available here, whilst those of you stopping by from elsewhere in the world can see some shaky cameraphone footage of it here). There are few other events that can occur during a football match that bring about more clichés in the media than a fight on the pitch. The brawls are always “mass” (which, considering that a brawl is dictionary defined as “a noisy quarrel or fight”, is hardly surprising, and they always “mar” the proceedings. Sometimes it will be described (usually as part of the post-match analysis by a former player) as “handbags (at dawn)”. No phrase that hasn’t been turned over a million times before will be deemed too lazy to file to demonstrate the disapproval of the writer...

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Time To Go: The Fight For The Future Of Sheffield Wednesday

A horse called “Owls FC” was due to run at Sedgefield racetrack this week. It didn’t. At first this seemed a very appropriate analogy for current affairs at Sheffield Wednesday – the “Owls.” But in reality it couldn’t be more inappropriate, as the Wednesday takeover tale keeps on running. A few days ago, the local papers that cover Wednesday in detail – Sheffield’s Star and Telegraph and the Yorkshire Post – ran the story that the takeover was “thought to be” a few days away. Now, a few days later… Indeed, every time you allow yourself to think that Wednesday’s affairs couldn’t take on a more bizarre aspect, they do – in-fighting, out-fighting, shake-it-all-about-fighting and, this week, the real prospect of a Moody Blues revival. All sorts of poison has been injected into the affair by the recent publication of unratified minutes from a meeting held between Wednesday board members Nick Parker and Bob Grierson, chief executive and finance director respectively, and representatives of Wednesday’s long-standing Supporters Trust, Wednesday-ite. The meeting was held on July 8th. The date is significant. The fact that the two sides were talking at all was unusual, historic relations between the sides have been frazzled for some years. But the focal point of the publication was the series of additional “notes” supplied by former Wednesday chairman, Lee Strafford, who resigned in May, after Wednesday’s...

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Match Of The Midweek: Brighton & Hove Albion 1-0 Brentford

Had most people in Britain cupped their ears in a southwardly direction at just before five o’clock on Saturday afternoon, they would have heard the faint sound of cheering coming from the Withdean stadium in Brighton. In the midst of a desperate, crazy goalmouth scramble, six minutes into injury time at the end of a match between Brighton & Hove Albion and Oldham Athletic which was deadlocked at 1-1, Francisco Sandaza, whose previous career exploits had seen him play for Valencia’s ‘B’ team and Dundee United, bundled the ball over the line to win the match for Brighton and send the Seagulls to the top of the League One table. It was a goal that was late enough for the BBC’s website to have already reported that Peterborough United had gone to the top of the table with their win which had finished a couple of minutes earlier, but Sandaza’s last-gasp intervention marked a new crowning moment in a season that is starting to exceed all expectations for Brighton supporters. The story of Brighton’s rise to the top of League One started in April 2009 when, against all odds, they won five of their last seven matches under Russell Slade to stay in the division against what had appeared to be insurmountable odds. A disappointing start to last season saw Slade lose his job, but his replacement, Gustavo Poyet,...

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