Day: September 8, 2010

Ilkeston Town Pay The Ultimate Price

The Derbyshire town of Ilkeston and Sheffield are a mere forty-five miles apart, but that difference must have felt like light years today at the High Court in London, as Ilkeston Town of the Blue Square South were wound up over a claim for £47,000 brought about by HMRC while Sheffield Wednesday of League One managed to cheat the grim reaper after the Co-operative Bank agreed to fund a payment of £780,000 to HMRC to keep Wednesday ticking over while the search for the a new buyer for the stricken Yorkshire club continues. The extent to which this is a moral conundrum is a debatable one. Wednesday clearly seem to have access to the sort of credit facilities that a club of Ilkeston’s means don’t have. That a judgement that Ilkeston were “plainly insolvent” could be made in under two minutes, as happened this morning, while Wednesday were rescued by the same registrar on the same day may stick in the craw of some, though. Ilkeston Town’s recent travails have been reasonably well documented. They were rescued in the first place by local businessman Paul Millership in 1992 when their ground was sold by Erewash Borough Council, but Millership’s untimely death at the age of fifty-nine in 2007. The club was taken over by millionaire construction company owner Chek Whyte in 2008 but, although the club managed to get...

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Match Of The Midweek: Switzerland 1-3 England

Two games, six points and seven goals. On the pitch, at least, it is starting to feel worryingly as if this summer’s meltdown in South Africa never happened for England. Off it, meanwhile, it has been a busy week in very different ways for England’s players and their PR people, and the suspicion remains that the team are hanging on by their fingernails with their opening two results from the qualifying campaign for Euro 2012. The gutter press, who have long since decided that they will force Fabio Capello by hook or by crook, have been somewhat quiet on the matter this morning (though Capello, if he hasn’t thought to do this already, would be best advised to change the PIN on his mobile phone on a daily basis for the forseeable future), but there can be no question that this nonsense will start again if (or when) England drop points during this qualifying campaign. For how long, though, can Capello keep the wolves from the door? Perhaps it helps him that the extra-curricular activities of one or two of the players, most notably Wayne Rooney, have deflected the slavering hoards over the last few days. When the tabloid press broke their story over the weekend, at least part of Rooney’s recent shyness in front of goal started to make some sort of sense. We can only guess at...

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