Day: September 2, 2010

Non-League Week: Ten (Well, Twelve) Essential Non-League Websites

There are only two days left until Non-League Day and, while we will have to see whether the initiative has anything like a significant effect on attendances in the lower leagues, it certainly seems as if it is receiving a lot of publicity at the moment, which can only be a good thing. If the aim of Non-League Day is to raise the projfile of the game, it certainly seems to be working but, while finding out the latest news, opinions and information on the Premier League is relatively easy, it can be a little trickier of the team that you’re looking for only attracts crowds of a couple of hundred people. With that in mind, we thought that it would be time to bring you a quick list of ten essential non-league sites. In the interests of maintaining a degree of neutrality (and stopping arguments in the comments sections), we have left out any sites that are related to a specific club of any sort, even though there are dozens – possibly hundreds – of lovingly tended club websites, fan-sites and forums that deserve your time. Also, this list is not in any specific order. Each of these sites brings something of its own to the table of non-league football. Moreover, they each demonstrate the strength of the non-league community. Most, if not all, of these sites are...

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Mungo S03E05

This week’s Mungo sees Heart of Clachmaninshire’s squad, besieged by a heap of steaming beef in last Thursday’s thrilling cliffhanger, find their salvation in a burly deadline day transfer signing.  But what will it mean for Mungo, and Scotland’s non-league football clubs?  Let’s find out. Dotmund (who still has some pictures for sale, including his World Cup output for Twohundredpercent and original Mungos) made this action happen. Click the picture for...

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