Day: July 19, 2010

Trying To Unwrap The Joe Cole Enigma

At first glance, the signing of Joe Cole by Liverpool might seem like madness. Cole will be twenty-nine years old later on this year and has had a wretched time of it with injuries over the last year or so. He remains a player whose best position remains something of a mystery after ten years of professional football. His four year contract will be worth almost £19m, and his physical condition is, if anything, more likely to slip further rather than improve as he turns thirty. This could turn out to be wrong, but in terms of signing footballers, as in the buying and selling of all other commodities, it’s a matter of balancing probabilities. Yet, and this particularly feels like a surprising thing to say when discussing Liverpool over the last couple of years or so, Cole’s signature feels like A Good Thing for both player and club. From the point of view of Liverpool Football Club, the enormous cost of Cole’s transfer will be partly offset by the transfer of Yossi Benayoun in the opposite direction. Chelsea are said to be paying £5.5m down for Benayoun, and the Israel captain’s salary at Anfield was said to be in the region of £50,000 per week. In the current financial environment, every little helps. A signature like this, especially when added to the arrival at Anfield of the current...

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Football Kit Design: Behind The Scenes

It’s the pre-season, and as regular readers of Twohundredpercent will know, that means it’s time for our review of all of the latest kits that will be on display in league matches around the country in the coming season.  However, as our resident buffoon, Ted “The Neck” Carter is just as likely to be wondering how these kits come into being. Unfortunately, this year he’s decided to find out.  We are, as ever, sorry. Click the picture for the full-sized...

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