Day: July 15, 2010

What Not To Wear 2010/11: The Premier League

Now that the World Cup is over (and there will be a couple more bits and pieces to tidy it up over the next couple of days), it is time to start looking forward to the new domestic season, which starts in just over four weeks, and what better way could there be to start it all off than with our annual look at the kits that the teams of 2010/11 will be wearing. As ever, it’s a mixed bag in the Premier League this season, with some clubs getting it right, some clubs getting it woefully wrong and a couple of clubs treating the launch of their new kit as if it is some sort of state secret. The cultural impact of the football shirt has probably never been higher. There are now several websites dedicated to following the development and design of football shirts. Some of these sites even have enthusiasts using graphic design software to design their own mock-ups of what they would like to see. It would seem that the actual designers themselves don’t often pay too much attention to what they say. Meanwhile, pictures are leaked onto the internet, then demanded to be taken down by tetchy sportswear companies that don’t seem to understand that they are getting free advertising from those that they are throwing legal threats at. It’s a strange world. Anyway,...

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Mungo 2010/11 starts here!

With the distraction of the World Cup out of the way, football clubs everywhere can get back to their normal routine.  Not least Heart of Clachmaninshire FC who, despite the baffling theft of all of the seats in two of their stands during the summer months, are well into their preparations for the new season.  In the coming weeks, we’ll meet some of the new faces in the squad for the coming season.  Today, however, is the traditional curtain raiser for a new campaign: the team photograph. Mungo is a Dotmund production for Twohundredpercent. Click for...

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