Day: July 7, 2010

Sholing FC Heads Towards A Brave New World

One of the few remaining works clubs playing senior football in England, VTFC, severed their ties with the company that gave birth to them last month, and set off for pastures new under the name of Sholing FC. Neil Cotton takes a moment to mark the separation of a local employer from the football club that it gave birth to, but will this be a new chapter for this particular club? In the depths of the pyramid the disappearance of another name from the league tables is an occurrence so regular it generates less attention than the noise from a tree collapsing in the middle of a forest. Only a few would surely lament the announcement that the Zameretto Division 1 South and West play-off semi final defeat to Bridgwater Town had been the last time VTFC would appear in the results section of the local paper much less attach any importance to it. This though would be an oversight of drastic proportions for VTFC were one of the last of an endangered species clinging on to survival like the red squirrel; the works team. The club although officially formed in 1960 as Vosper Thornycroft FC can trace its lineage as far back as a works team from 1884; claiming along the way successive post-war sides associated with the Thornycroft shipyard famous for its warship production on the banks...

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World Cup 2010: Germany 0-1 Spain

Two years is not a long time in football, especially when you consider that national sides evolve, certainly more than club sides. In that respect, you would have expected quite a few rematches from European Championship finals happening in subsequent World Cups. However, of the twenty-six finalists in the first thirteen European Championships, six of them have failed to qualify (including Czecholslovakia Denmark and Greece, who were European Championships), and three others have failed to get out of the group stages. This is the first time since 1986 when both of the European Championship finalists have made it past the first round, and only the fourth time since the European Championships kicked off in 1960 – and this is the first time since that initial competition that the finalists have met in the next World Cup. In France in 1960, the Soviet Union needed extra time to defeat Yugoslavia 2-1, and two years later in Chile, the reigning European Champions were once again victorious, this time keeping a clean sheet as they ran out 2-0 winners, both times Viktor Ponedelnik scoring the decisive goal. Spain, will be hoping for history to repeat itself, although the winning goalscorer from that night in Vienna two years ago is on the bench – his lack of fitness finally costing him his starting place. Vincente Del Bosque replaces him with Barcelona’s Pedro. It...

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World Cup 2010: Uruguay I-Spy

Our resident pencil wrangler Dotmund was very excited about the prospect of Uruguay playing the Netherlands. However, we at Twohundredpercent have noticed that some of his match reports during the tournament have been somewhat lacking in the factual department. As such, we sent hm off with an I-Spy fact sheet so that he could accurately record match events as they happened. This morning he returned with the results. Sadly, they left much to be desired.

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