Day: July 4, 2010

Argentina Flounder Before German Unity

Out of the chaos of the quarter-finals of the 2010 World Cup has come some degree of consensus. If today’s newspapers have one theme running through them, that theme is that Germany are currently the best football team in the world and that, to a point, it would be a travesty if they didn’t win the competition. All of this is somewhat odd, since it is effectively an admission that they got their predictions wrong before the start of the tournament (there weren’t many in the mainstream press that didn’t predict Brazil or Spain), but this groundswell of opinion has been building for the last few days. This follows the ongoing story of this World Cup, which is that very few of the teams involved are fulfilling people’s expectations of them. Spain, the media darlings for the last couple of years, have been the dull, pragmatic team, edging 1-0 wins against inferior opposition. The Netherlands have been practical and pragmatic, yet they have shown moments of brilliant fluidity – coach Bert Van Marwijk’s comments that total football is dead don’t appear to have been fully taken in by Arjen Robben and Robin Van Persie, for example – whilst Germany have set the tournament alight with stunning performances against England and Argentina and have suddenly and quite unexpectedly become the media darlings of the tournament. One of the teams that...

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Stirling Albion Break New Ground

More than a year after launching their bid for the club, the Stirling Albion Supporters Club has finally announced that it has bought the club from previous owner Peter McKenzie. Some in the Scottish press are hailing it as “the first community-owned football club in Britain”. I’ve tried and failed to find some twisted definition of “community-owned club” which could make this statement in any way true, but let’s not be too picky here – this is great news and is uncharted waters for Scottish football, which has been a bit behind England with regards to Trust ownership.

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