Day: June 18, 2010

The Portsmouth CVA Is Proven To Be Completely Above Board

It is a funny election where the returning officer decides who the electorate is. Technically, all administrations throw up this scenario, although it has only seemed important in recent years, purely by chance, at Leeds United in 2007 and Portsmouth almost ever since. But when I saw the “Portsmouth CVA accepted” headlines yesterday, I briefly prayed that I’d be able to read the story beneath without at any stage going “for ****’s sake!” Administrator Andrew Andronikou had said in the strongest possible terms that HMRC would only have 21% of the creditors’ vote and that with only, literally, one or two other small creditors having expressed opposition, he felt sure that the CVA would be supported by the sufficient 75% and a bit more. I ventured into the story on the BBC website and skimmed through the opening paragraph. “Prospects look much brighter” – good – “exit administration this summer” – good…mind you, what bloody summer? Look, it’s raining again, they never forecast that…er…- “needing the support of those owed at least 75%” – yep, so, 79% tops, 75.0001%, oh God, there’ll be an appeal…please be 78 point something, please – Pompey’s proposed Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) got…81.3% of the vote.” “For ****’s sake!” Three days before the vote, Andronikou was telling the world HMRC were 21% of the debt, which he equated to “£20-21m” whenever pressed. All of...

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World Cup 2010: Slovenia 2-2 United States of America

I’ve seen both of these nations in major competitions. As you may have noticed from the Slovenia-Algeria report, I saw the Slovenians at Euro 2000. The USA however, were one of the teams playing at my first live World Cup match in 2006 – their opponents were Italy, in what was one of the games of the tournament. And that was the point at which my view on American’s playing football changed. It was all down to the fans who travelled to Germany. On the upside, they were very enthusiastic about the game, and (unlike the perception from the more ignorant sections of our media – i.e. most of it) were very knowledgeable about the game, as you would expect people who’ve flown thousands of miles for as little as one game to be. On the downside, everyone American I spoke to at the World Cup in 2006 was involved in the game. They played at various levels, they were referees, they were involved in coaching, they worked in administration for an MLS club. It may not sound like a downside, but during the season, if every football fan is involved in the game at one level or another, you wonder where the fans are coming from. There’s a confidence about the MLS, maybe even overconfidence in the League – I’ve known MLS watchers claim the quality is similar...

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World Cup 2010: Germany 0-1 Serbia

The German side who sparked this World Cup into life with their 4-0 win over Australia, a German side so effortlessly impressive that they brought all the very best paranoid and stereotypical utterances about “Ze Germans” out of the normally *cough* very reserved and neutral British press, were back in action today. But you’d have had to be a very brave man, or a very proud Serb, to have seen this. In fact, although Serbia were much improved on their opening performance against Ghana, it’s difficult to believe it happened.

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