Day: June 10, 2010

Mungo in Africa, part 1

With his cycle and slowboat trip now complete, Heart of Clachmaninshire’s very own Mungo McCrackas is about to begin his holiday job: as an expert summariser on Clack TV’s World Cup panel. Busman’s Holiday or not, Mungo is determined that it is still very much a holiday, and as such has already gained 11lbs in weight and what may or may not prove to be a criminal record somewhere near the Botswanan border. Mungo in Africa will unfold as throughout the tournament. However, we guarantee there’ll be a strip at least once a week on Thursdays, no matter how much Dotmund is taking England’s stuttering form to heart.

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The Twohundredpercent World Cup Song Is Here!

It started, as the best of musical projects do, over several shots of absinthe in a Brighton pub and ended with the promise of a World Cup song for this site. Here we are, four weeks on, and it is ready, complete with Bjørge...

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