Day: June 7, 2010

Thirty-One World Cup Shirts

It’s that time again. Back by popular demand (to be precise, two people), it’s time for our quadrennial report of all the team shirts that will be on display at the upcoming World Cup. As ever, the menu is overwhelmed by items produced and designed by the twin behemoths of the sportswear universe, Adidas and Nike. Whether they have been using their market domination to the benefit of the sartorial elegance of international football, however, is something of an open question. They are joined by Puma, who seem to have signed a contract with almost the whole of Africa, and a couple of smaller manufacturers such as Joma and, flying the flag for dear old Blighty. Also, you may notice that one of the competing nations is missing. North Korea have reportedly signed a deal with Legea, but there is no sign of their shirt as yet. Perhaps they believe that buying a replica shirt is an act of bourgois imperialism. But anyway, with our tongues planted firmly in our cheeks, on – in something approaching alphabetical order, with the show. Click on the links to see the offending items. Algeria: Puma have kept it almost nice and simple for Algeria’s home shirt, which is white and, as its major embellishment, features a fennec fox on the right-hand shoulder, the fennec fox being the national animal of Algeria. Argentina:...

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The Monday Morning Links Repository

By the end of this week, the World Cup finals will be under way, so this week’s links are largely taken up with different angles on looking forward to the tournament, although there is a special place this week for Manchester United, who seem likely to have a problematic summer as season tickets come up for renewal. As well as this, we have why football rivalries fade into the background when a genuine crisis rears its head and a stout defence of oft-maligned penalty shootout. Don’t forget, also, that the Twohundredpercent 2010 World Cup finals page is up and running, and can be found here. – In Defence Of Penalty Shootouts: When Saturday Comes’ Steven Quick offers a stout defence of the Lottery That Isn’t Really A Lottery that will probably be the cause of England’s elimination from this summer’s tournament. – Pitch Invasion takes a quick look at the North Korean attempt to hoodwink FIFA into having only two goalkeepers and an extra squad in their squad for the finals, and notes Patrick Barclay’s bizarre assertion that there is something “vaguely American” about such opposing such skulduggery. – The simpletons amongst us may have assumed that a football club going bust may lead to celebration at that club’s local rivals. We’re more intelligent than that, of course, as Four Four Two’s Richie Morris explains. – United Rant is...

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