Day: May 26, 2010

World Cup Tales: The Murder Of A Footballer, 1994

In amongst the razzamatazz of the 1994 World Cup, which kicked off with Diana Ross putting a penalty kick wide of the goal during the opening ceremony and finished with Roberto Baggio putting one over in a penalty shoot-out that seemed pre-ordained to follow a desperately bad final between Italy and Brazil, the darkest of football’s dark hearts showed its face. It felt as if a parallel universe – a feudal world in which criminality rules and considerations of humanity take a back seat – had momentarily become entwined with ours, and it led to the death of a sportsman, quite possibly for the seemingly absurd reason that he made a mistake under highly pressurised circumstances that cost some very violent and very powerful people a lot of money. Andres Escobar was born in Medellin in Colombia in 1967. A tall, gifted defender, he played for Atelico Medellin, one of the giants of Colombian football, for his entire career apart from a brief and unsuccessful six month long spell in Switzerland playing for Young Boys Bern between 1989 and 1990. For someone that had lived the whole of their life in one of the most violent cities in the world, perhaps life in the relative peace and quiet of the Swiss capital was too much of a culture shock. Atletico are a successful club. They have won the Colombian...

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East Stirlingshire Lose Their Sugar Daddy

The resignation last week of East Stirlingshire’s Vice-Chairman Spencer Fearn marks the end of another chapter for a club who have been through the mill over the past decade, and leaves their immediate prospects a little uncertain. Contract offers to players have been put on hold while the club works out a new budget, and manager Jim McInally has offered to take a pay cut in order to stay on.

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