Day: April 22, 2010

What Chester Did Next

In less than seven days time, representatives from City Fans United will sit down with members of Cheshire West and Chester Council. The aim of CFU is to secure the lease on The Deva Stadium, a council owned football facility that sits on the western-most outskirts of the city. They aren’t unopposed in their application for the lease. The Danish group, whoever they may be (and the rumour has now started that those “advising the group” are considerably closer to home than is likely to be made public in the near future), have decided to ignore the requests of the CFU committee and of a broader cross-section of the club’s supporters and press ahead with their application for use of the stadium. It is their prerogative to do so but, in turn, it is also the right of Chester supporters to shun them in favour of the club that is promising that the mess of the last twelve months can and must never happen again. We already know that the FA has directed anybody seeking the licence to be a phoenix club for Chester with the benefits that this brings has already been directed to CFU. Any other bidder would be a completely new club and, as such, would have to start at the bottom of the football pyramid unless they could prove that safety issues at away matches...

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Shit Shot Mungo: S02E37: Also; Vote For Us!

This week’s Shit Shot Mungo features a lesson in physics and yet another return for The Goalinator, as Heart of Clackmanannshire fight to avoid relegation. This week’s Mungo is, as ever, drawn by Dotmund and is also available here, should you want a higher resolution version of it. Also, in a further public announcement, you can (should you wish to) vote for us at this year’s EPL Talk awards. As ever, this advertisement is tempered by a reminder that we are primarily concerned with not coming last rather than winning, as sites with considerably bigger audiences than our small (but perfectly formed) readership will undoubtedly win. But, you know, it’s not the winning that counts and we are very grateful to Christopher Harris for our nomination, presuming that it was his...

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Southend United & Fossett’s Folly

Southend United were under threat of extinction thanks to a £400,000 Inland Revenue demand. Whilst their new ground at Fossett’s Farm is seen as the solution to the club’s long-term financial difficulties, the Shrimpers needed help in the short-term. They were fortunate that business partners were able to advance future revenue to cover the short-term costs and keep the club afloat for the time being. The consequences of this borrowing will probably be onerous, and will definitely have a detrimental effect on the promised financial advantages of the ground move. But that is for another day. Southend are saved. And with prudent financial management, the future is bright. An accurate snapshot of Southend United’s fortunes… in November 1998. Naturally, given that Southend are right back where they were in 1998, when he came in, I come to bury Southend chairman and majority shareholder Ron Martin, not to praise him. His spin on the events at ‘his’ club this season has been as annoying as it has been disingenuous. His club have been exposed as serial late-payers of players and tax authorities alike; “a habitual defaulter” was how the latter described them in court. Progress on the new stadium at “Fossett’s Farm”, still the panacea for all the club’s financial ills, has been shunted and stunted by financial battles for which Martin and his club are getting blame from friends...

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