Day: April 15, 2010

Shit Shot Mungo: S02E36

Well, it’s Thursday night and that can only mean one thing – it’s Shit Shot Mungo time. In this week’s episode, the fall-out from Sid “Bisto” Nixon’s funeral continues with the news that their relegation rivals are to be docked, suspiciously enough, exactly the number of points required to give Heart of Clackmannannshire a chance of avoiding relegation. Will anybody notice? Will anybody do anything about it? All will be revealed. This week’s Mungo is brought to you by Dotmund (who celebrated his thirtieth birthday yesterday – happy birthday Tedward) and is also available...

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Lewes 0-0 St Albans City

It’s a fresh, spring evening, and the eyes of most of the football world are fixed upon the North London derby between Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal. In one small corner of East Sussex, however, a match is being played out in the Blue Square South between two clubs that have both had their degree of problems over the last couple of years but have reacted to them in broadly different ways. While Lewes sit in the relegation places with their supporters facing an end to the season that promises to reduce their fingernails to tatters, St Albans City are playing out their final games against a backdrop of incrimination that threatens to tear the club completely asunder. It feels as if Lewes may be over the worst of their woes, but that this is all yet to come for the club that they host this evening. For the home side, it’s a critical match and the club seems to know it. They have halved their admission prices this evening in a bid to bring in some extra support, and the reasons for this are evident from the league table. A 2-1 win at Worcester City on Saturday leave them two points behind Worcester, but with two games in hand on them, of which this is the first. That they are still in with a decent chance of staying up...

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Stockport County – No-one Is Innocent

As football club nicknames go, “The Hatters” isn’t the luckiest. First Luton headed for a remake of their 1988 FA Cup semi-final meeting with Wimbledon this season, in the Blue Square Premier. And, for much of the last year, Stockport County have been heading the same way. “Where to start?” is both a literal and metaphorical question, although to be fair to fans of the Hatt… sorry… ’County’, the blame game at Stockport is probably harder to play than Scrabble these days, now that Scrabble allows proper nouns. No-one is innocent. Perhaps the most evocative starting point would be ex-chairman Brendan Elwood’s madcap 2000 scheme to merge with Manchester City and form “Man-Stock County” – a stupid hybrid name reminiscent of unimaginative 1970s football comics and, as such, entirely appropriate to the idea. Briefly, of course, Stockport/Manchester City was the Manchester derby, with County briefly the ‘bigger’ team. But that added no credibility to the scheme, which would be no dafter if suggested now. And there’s been equal credibility attached to the financial management of the club ever since. The dealings between Elwood and self-styled ‘sports philanthropist’ Brian Kennedy governed what followed. Elwood chaired County’s late-90s golden era. Kennedy was a double-glazing salesman…sorry…entrepreneur, who cleaned enough windows to be 178th= on 2009’s Sunday Times Rich List. Elwood sold County to Kennedy’s ‘Cheshire Sports’ company in 2003, believing he was...

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