Day: April 13, 2010

Technology In Football

It rather seems as if every time there is a refereeing decision that costs a team a point or two, the usual suspects in the media start stating the case for all manner of whizzy gizmos to make sure that such a travesty of justice never occurs again. FIFA, however, are against the introduction of such technology and Rob Freeman has similar reservations. With the recent decisions in the FA Cup semi-finals over the weekend, the media once again is full of calls for the use of technology in football, and seemingly never ending complaints about Sepp Blatter and FIFA’s refusal to “embrace” it. But for once, the man in charge of the game is right. The use of goal line technology and instant replays should be resisted at all costs. It’s unnecessary, it’s impractical and it benefits the media a lot more than the fans and the game. For a start, there’s the whole issue of cost. Having already brought innovations into tennis and cricket, Hawk-Eye have in recent years have trialled goal line technology at Craven Cottage and Reading’s Hogwood Park training ground. They claim that they can provide accuracy to within 5mm and within half a second, but there have been suggestions that it would cost half a million pounds to implement the system for each club. With the current financial climate within football, how many...

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County Deepen Celtic’s Woes

When the draw for the Scottish Cup semi-finals was made all the talk was of Rangers and Celtic being kept apart for a potential Old Firm final. It hasn’t quite worked out that way. Rangers didn’t even reach the semis in the end, losing to a scruffy but deserved last minute goal in their quarter-final replay at Dundee United; but it’s Celtic’s semi-final humiliation at the hands of Ross County which is the real story. County have attracted few headlines since their admission to the league in 1994, being often overshadowed by near-neighbours Inverness who were admitted at the same time. But while Inverness have made faster progress – and look well placed for a quick return to the SPL following last season’s relegation – County have risen surely but steadily, with relegation back to the second division in 2007 as only a temporary setback. In November of that year Derek Adams took over as manager. It was a bold and forward-looking decision – Adams was only 32 at the time – but he’s a feisty character a little in the Billy Davies mould, capable of appearing both thoughtful and pugnacious. He immediately set about justifying his appointment, the team going on a run of ten straight wins over the turn year as they coasted to promotion. The following season saw first division survival only on the final day...

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