Day: April 1, 2010

Exclusive: Details Of Palace Diddy Takeover Confirmed

Exiting from administration might prove to be more painful than Crystal Palace supporters than they had at first expected after plans were leaked today over the proposed take-over of the club by music producer and clothes designer Sean “Diddy” Combs earlier today. Combs is said to have been looking to invest in English football for some time and had considered Portsmouth as well as Crystal Palace, who are currently fighting a desperate bid to retain their place in the top two divisions of English football, a record that they have held since 1977. The club was involved in the scramble for a place in the play-offs in the Championship, but a ten point deduction after they were put into administration last month coupled with a poor run of form after the departure of manager Neil Warnock for Queens Park Rangers shortly afterwards. The club has been up for sale since it was forced into administration, but Combs emerged as an unlikely buyer for the club last month. It was said that he had considered Portsmouth and Palace but has expressed a preference for Palace because of its closer proximity to Central London and because he “liked the name” of the club. Details have now been leaked of how he intends to save Palace and rebrand them, according to sources close to him, “to bring them into the twenty-first century,...

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UEFA & “Financial Fair Play” – The Book Of The Film

The UEFA Financial Fair Play proposals were scrutinised by the British press this week. Mark Murphy thumbs through it, takes a look at the press reaction to it and concludes that, unless there is a fundamental shift in the attitudes of football clubs or the loopholes are great enough for them to be able to squirm through,  the game’s civil war – a war against regulation – may be just around the corner. It wasn’t up on the Times newspaper’s web-site for very long. But UEFA’s “Club licensing discussion paper” (version 0.98) was the sort of information for which some may pay when the Times and Sunday Times start charging people to read their websites this summer. Not that the 62-page document would top any best-sellers list or win any literary prizes – certainly not the Booker Prize for Fiction, as I’m sure UEFA’s staunchest critics would have you believe. It’s a dry document, as these things always are. The minutia of financial regulation always is. But it is chock-full of common sense, practical solutions to practical current problems, mechanisms for preventing those problems in the future… in fact, all round, the “right thing.” “Something has to be done,” increasing numbers of English club owners have been saying. And it has been. For the moment, the proposals only apply within UEFA’s remit, specifically clubs’ participation in UEFA’s club competitions. So UEFA...

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