Day: March 28, 2010

Match Of The Week: Crystal Palace 1-2 Cardiff City

For supporters of both Crystal Palace and Cardiff City, 2009/10 has been a season that has taken a turn for the strange. Both clubs are in mortal peril. Crystal Palace are in administration and the Championship relegation places following the ten point deduction that comes with entering it, whilst Cardiff City still haven’t seen off the tax man and still face a winding up petition. However, both clubs could find routes off the hook. A place in the Premier League – certainly not an unreasonable proposition, considering that they are in fourth place in the table and heading for the play-offs at the end of the season – is still possible for Cardiff City, and this may be a route out of the crippling debt that they are currently burdened with. If that seems a contradictory state of affairs, it’s not quite as crazy as what has been going on at Crystal Palace. The club’s entry dropped them into a relegation zone like a stone into a pond. This put them up for sale, and amongst the most serious interest in buying the club is reported to have come from the noted hip hop producer, fashion designer and (probably) wearer of diamonds, Sean “Puff Daddy or P-Diddy, Depending Upon How Old You Are” Combs. The likelihood of Palace taking to the pitch wearing fur-lined and diamond-studded shirts and replacing...

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The Premier League Ponders A Salary Cap

The Premier League’s Annual General Meeting this summer will provide stringent salary cap regulations for English football’s top tier, to judge by the plethora of club chairmen who have offered unsolicited opinions in favour of such regulations in recent months. It is refreshing to see such a consensus around an issue of such magnitude, especially coming from a group of people of such sound judgement. West Ham co-owner David Gold has struck a discordant note around the subject. But he has expressed his views with admirable consistency, long before salary caps became the sexy subject in the wake of Portsmouth’s financial demise. As he said on BBC Sport last summer, in opposition to “capping”: “I think you have to be very careful that you don’t go all the way back to 50 or 60 years ago, when Blackpool was the top club in the division, because you’d end up with a very bland league.” That, alongside his view that a “league” is “the survival of the fittest,” is a healthy sign that the debate will be constructive and well-informed, I’m sure you’ll agree. The credibility of the salary cap argument is demonstrated by Fulham chairman Mohamed Fayed being its most fervent supporter. As long ago as last April, Fayed was talking in admirably emotive terms on the subject. “Take my crusade against Sky-high players’ wages,” he told London’s Evening...

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