Day: March 25, 2010

Shit Shot Mungo: S02E33

With Glen Roeder back at Heart of Clackmannanshire, the seemingly impossible task of the club avoiding relegation has suddenly become considerably more achievable. The Clackers’ new manager is only a temporary measure, though, and the new man for the job prepares himself for press conferences by talking to himself in the mirror in the third person while a monkey paints him with Marmite. Can you guess who it could possibly be? Clue: the club’s previous manager has been put in indefinite “gardening leave”. This week’s “Shit Shot Mungo” also features Tony Gubba, and is brought to you courtesy of Dotmund, and is also available here, should you want to see it in its full-sized...

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Sheffield Wednesday’s “Imminent” Investment

Sheffield Wednesday have been in a state of flux for the last decade or so, since the reign of the current Premier League Chairman, Dave Richards. Mark Murphy takes a look at the Wednesday chairman Lee Strafford’s attempts to get somebody to pour some money into the club and finds a rather long list of near misses. Still, at least they haven’t been to the High Court yet. The February and March headlines in the Sheffield Star newspaper would have made encouraging reading for Sheffield Wednesday: “Owls takeover ‘on course’ says fans’ group” (26 February); “Owls takeover extremely close” (28 February); “Owls takeover deal still on track” (18 March). The problem was they were headlines from February and March… 2008, and Wednesday’s was a takeover tale that was dragging on a bit even then. The headline “Casino boss in Owls takeover talks” was already over a year old, and the casino boss in question was one Carson Yeung, now doing the work of a grateful nation by getting up David Sullivan’s nose on a regular basis in his role as Birmingham City major shareholder. Some of the unfounded takeover rumours were, shall we say, imaginative. Not least the one about former Manchester United big-man Martin Edwards, which was based on Edwards’ car appearing in the Wednesday car park. This was a tenuous enough link even before it was established...

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