Day: March 18, 2010

Football At The World Cup: Part One (1966-1978)

Four years ago, we ran an article on the subject of the theme music used by British television companies for World Cup finals series. It seemed to touch a nerve at the time and today it’s back. It’s a little more complete than it was four years ago, although there are still one or two gaps and we would gratefully appreciate anybody that can help to fill these for us. Prior to 1966, live television coverage of the World Cup in Britain was patchy, to say the least. The BBC had offered some live coverage of the 1954 and 1958 finals but, when the tournament went to Chile in 1962, footage of matches had to be rushed by motorcycle courier the airport, where it was sent to the USA to be edited and transmitted back to London, from whence a nightly programme was put out by the BBC, usually around three days after the match had been played. Within four years, however, developments in satellite technology meant that matches could be shown live across the world. Much of the BBC and ITV’s coverage was jointly produced under the “Eurovision” banner (Eurovision then being an effective brand name for the European Broadcasting Union rather than a short-hand name for a song competition). This clip from TV Ark gives a hint at what viewers could see, and this march (entitled “On...

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Shit Shot Mungo: S02E32

This week’s Shit Shot Mungo is episode number fifty, no less, and in this week’s episode Heart of Clackmannannshire finally face up to the relegation battle that sees them almost one hundred points from safety in the league. Unfortunately, Mungo McCrackas isn’t the man to spearhead any revival, so Sir Roddy Bulbs takes control of the situation and brings back the only man that can save the day: Glen Roeder! No surprises there, then. Still, at least it wasnt Bryan Robson. As ever, this week’s Mungo is produced in Dobly by Dotmund, and is also available...

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