Day: March 12, 2010

David Beckham, The Green & Gold

The Champions League match between Manchester United and Milan had been punctuated by what are now starting to become familiar images. The green and gold gold scarves and the “Love United Hate Glazer” flags are starting to feel like part of the furniture at Old Trafford, but the question that was on many people’s lips could probably best be summarised by a four letter acronym: WWDD? Beckham’s appearance on the pitch had been greeted with, in rapid succession, cheers, boos and laughter and, while he didn’t disgrace himelf on the pitch, his presence on the pitch was in itself a sign of the times – a practical demonstration of the gulf in quality between Manchester United and Milan. Some people have talked of the end of the Premier League’s hegemony in the Champions League his season, but the difference between Manchester United and Milan on Wednesday night was clear. Milan, to put it simply, had players that were too old or too average. At full-time, Beckham left the pitch and a green and gold scarf was thrown towards him. Perhaps predictably (and to the delight of a large proportion of the crowd), he put it around his neck. If they were hoping that he would come out in public as an opponent of the Glazers or, as some had hoped, as an investor in the Red Knights consortium, it was...

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