Day: March 11, 2010

Reorganising Scottish Football: The Annual Debate Begins Again

It’s springtime, so discussion has started again about how to make the game in Scotland more exciting but, as Gavin Saxton reports, none of those that are being put forward are likely to do much about the two or three elephants that live in the room that is Scottish football.

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Shit Shot Mungo – S02E32

This week’s episode of Shit Shot Mungo deals with the aftermath of what has come to be “Nutsgate”, wrestles the tricky situation of Heart of Clackmannanshirebeing so far adrift at the bottom of the SPL table that they can only be seen with binoculars and also features the welcome return of the chairman, Sir Roddy Bulbs.

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Portsmouth & The Premier Leagues Air Of Dry Rot

A million miles removed from the opulent lives of the millionaire players and the neatly coiffured executives, the reality of Portsmouth’s financial desperation came home to roost. It didn’t, however, come home to roost for those that can afford it or those that are to blame for this whole sorry mess in which they find themselves.

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