Day: March 2, 2010

Farsley Celtic Are Back On The Brink

Hidden away in the back pages of a couple of web sites, another football club is dying. It’s a club that has been to the brink before and, unlike, other, bigger clubs that have faced financial problems this season, they haven’t exactly hogged the headlines over the last couple years or so.

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Portsmouth’s Five O’Clock Shadow Must Be Removed

It is, as if you hadn’t already noticed, open season on Portsmouth. There had been precious little sympathy for the supporters in the club in the media, but when it was confirmed that the club were back in court over a challenge by HMRC over the legitmacy of them placing themselves into adminstration, the gloves came off.

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Bournemouth & Cardiff’s Risky Strategies

Two clubs that haven’t yet resolved their differences with the taxman are AFC Bournemouth and Cardiff City. Mark Murphy has been taking a look at both clubs, and finds a bit of a high risk strategy taking place at each.

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