Month: February 2010

Wayne Bridge, Tabloid Fluff & The World Cup

Wayne Bridge probably won’t be going to the World Cup finals, then, but John Terry’s “friends” leaking derogatory comments to the press about him say more about Terry than they do about Bridge – namely, that he is a wretch.

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Shit Shot Mungo: S02E30

This week’s Shit Shot Mungo sees Mungo McCrackas resolutely fail to change the course of history when, having slipped through a portal in time and space, he ends up playing in the 1967 England vs Scotland home international match.

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Barry Hearn On Administration

Michel Platini, with all of the elegance that one might expect from a man with such a playing career, describes it as “financial doping”. It is, in short, the accumulation of debt to purchase success on the pitch. Some clubs do it as a result of the egos of their chairmen, some do it from the fear of what might happen if they don’t, and some do it in the genuine but misguided belief that somehow everything will be okay if they manage to get the team winning on the pitch. The result, however, is usually the same. The players and the manager leave when things turn sour, there is a desperate rush for new investors and, when these can’t be found, it ends in either administration or a close shave with administration. All of which brings us to the somewhat divisive subject of Barry Hearn. In a recent interview with Talksport, Hearn described clubs that enter into adminstration as “cheats” and stated his belief that all clubs that enter into adminstration should be relegated two divisions. There are plenty of reasons to be cynical of Hearn’s pronouncements on the subject of how to run a football club. Bit by bit, Hearn has sold off areas of the site of Leyton Orient’s Brisbane Road ground (which some people, presumably including Hearn, call “The Matchroom Stadium”), and Orient will be...

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