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Month: January 2010

Match Of The Week: Bury Town 5-0 Leighton Town

Bury Town have rather been in the shadow of their local rivals AFC Sudbury in recent years, but they are having a good go at the Southern League Midland Division this season and, with top of the table Hitchin Town frozen off, they had a chance to go top of the table against mid-table Leighton Town yesterday.

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Another Black Week For Portsmouth

Their website was closed for non-payment, there have been threats of resignation from Peter Storrie & Avram Grant and more protests are planned. Is there any way out of the current mess for Portsmouth that won’t result in absolute, final meltdown for the club.

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The Glazer Protests: Where Do They Go From Here?

The Manchester United supporters that wore gold and green scarves for the League Cup semi-final on Wednesday night were protesting, but it may be too late for them to have influence whatsover over what happens to the club that they support.

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Peter Ridsdale: Chairman Turned Repeat Offender

Cardiff City are due in court in a couple of weeks fighting off a winding up order, and the man in charge is a rather familiar one to supporters of Leeds United and Barnsley. Mark Murphy reports on Peter Ridsdale’s repeated misdemenaours and finds a predictable and depressing set of themes.

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Shit Shot Mungo: S02E26

Mungo McCrackas seriously injured both of Heart of Clackmannannshire’s two goalkeepers, “Dangerous” Ducky Norton and Rab “Flappins” McGinty, in last week’s “Shit Shot Mungo”, so this week he has to play in goal for The Clackas in their match, whereupon he discovers previously untapped talents.

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