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Month: November 2009

Chester City Football Club: The Death Rattle (Part 6!)

Would you believe it, the Football Conference has deferred a definite decision on the future of Chester City Football Club until Thursday now, meaning that the club plays Cambridge City in what may just turn out to be one of the most pointless football matches of all time.

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Video Of The Week: Match Of The 70s – 1971/72

This week’s Video Of The Week is the second in the series of “Match Of The Seventies” videos, and features Brian CLough hitting national headlines for the first time, Rodney Marsh upsetting the balance at Manchester City and West Germany (not for the first time) tearing England a new hole.

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Match Of The Week: Kettering Town 1-1 Leeds United

Kettering Town, according to their chairman, have only six weeks to live unless the council help them find a new stadium, and they used their FA Cup match against Leeds United to highlight their current predicament to the nation. Is this, however, the whole story, or is there something else going on?

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Chester City Football Club: The Death Rattle (Part 5)

The death of Chester City Football Club won’t come without a fight, and the supporters took the fight to the club and the game’s authorities when they managed to get their match against Eastbourne Borough called off with a pitch invasion during the second half. And who can blame them?

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