Day: November 25, 2009

The FA vs The Premier League Reaches Critical Mass

England’s bid for the 2018 World Cup is back on the ropes following the resignation of Dave Richards, but how much of this is to do with hysterical stories in the media and the Premier League following up on their apparent vendetta against Lord Triesman of the Football Association?

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Portsmouth Sack Paul Hart, But Who Will Replace Him?

Portsmouth’s decision to sack Paul Hart hasn’t exactly been a surprise, but the paucity of high calibre names being chosen to replace him betrays their current position. Will they go for someone that lasted just a season at Chelsea or a manager who couldn’t cope with life in the Championship?

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Bishop Auckland – In The Nick Of Time – Are Going Home

One of the great names in amateur football has been living out of a suitcase since 2002 but, after numerous delays and hurdles, Bishop Auckland Football Club will now be returning to its hometown next year. It’s the end of a fifteen year quest to get a new stadium of their own.

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