Day: October 8, 2009

Football Authorities & The Law

The FA has to face to to Alex Ferguson and the Football League has to contend with Notts County, QPR and Leeds United. Will they make strong decisions which demonstrate who actually run football, or will they cave in and make decisions which, well, demonstrate who actually runs football.

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Shit Shot Mungo: S02E11

This week’s Shit Shot Mungo sees the Clackas thrust suddenly into a deep and sudden financial crisis after chairman and magnet magnate Sir Roddy Bulbs’ money runs out. With the team resorting to drastic measures to make end meet, though, a mysterious figure appears from the shadows…

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Farewell then, Dr Sulaiman

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss? Sulaiman Al-Fahim overcame his kidney stones just in time to offload Portsmouth Football Club earlier this week, and Mark Murphy has managed to find the time to remind him not to allow the door smack him on the backside on the way out.

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