Day: October 5, 2009

Rangers & Celtic: The Decline Of The Northern Empire?

Rangers & Celtic played out the first Old Firm match of the Scottish league season yesterday. Recent results in Europe have led some to believe that there is a slim possibility that their hegemony may be broken in Scotland but, as Gavin Saxton notes, they still remain too strong for the rest of the SPL.

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An Open Letter To The Owners Of Chester City FC

The situation at Chester City, as we have noted on here before, appears to be going from bad to worse. Chester supporters have come together in a bid to try an establish what on earth actually is going on at their club, and an open letter to those running the club is reprinted below.

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Football On The Internet… But Nowhere Else?

The World Cup qualifier between Ukraine and England is going to be broadcast, but it seems likely that it will only be available over the internet, and to those with a reasonably fast broadband speed. Is this the best way forward for football broadcasting?

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