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Month: October 2009

Hull City’s Finances Show The Downside Of “Ambition”

Mark Murphy has been having a look at the precarious financial position that Hull City seem to find themselves in, and is concerned. Through a myriad of holding companies, the club now seems to be almost entirely dependent on avoiding relegation in order to survive.

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Marlon King Punches His Way To 18 Months In Prison

“Don’t you know who I am? I’m a millionaire”, was Marlon King’s chat-up line, and when it was swatted away by the unfortunate recipient of it he got nasty. Yesterday, he reaped the dubious “reward” of his idiocy and was deservedly sentenced to eighteen months in prison.

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Shit Shot Mungo: Series Two, Episode Fourteen

This week’s episode of “Shit Shot Mungo” features the aftermath of Heart of Clackmannanshire’s outstanding 3-0 win last week. Glen Roeder is sacked as the Director of Football and, after a viral outbreak at the club, the club’s new plutocratic owner brings in a plague doctor in to help out.

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Mike Ashley Starts Selling The Soul Of Newcastle United

If Mike Ashley is going to try for reconciliation with Newcastle United supporters after taking the club off the market he’s going strange way about it, with an announcement from the club that the naming rights for St James Park are up for sale. Does he now hate Newcastle or they that desperate for cash?

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The FA Fails To Secure TV Deal For The FA Cup

The Football Association has failed to secure a second television broadcaster for the first two rounds of this year’s FA Cup, which demonstrates the drastic change in the state of the market, the decline in importance of the competition and, possibly, irritation at their dumping of the BBC & Sky Sports.

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